Conver an array of JSON objects to the Markdown table

This article is introduction to json2mdtbl, a cli tool that converts an array of JSON objects into a Markdown table. Installation Download from and place it in a location where your PATH environment variable can find it(e.g. /usr/local/bin). Usage It’s easy to use, just pipe in JSON or ndjson. $ echo '[{"name": "alice", "age": 10},{"name":"bob", "age": 20}]' | json2mdtbl | AGE | NAME | |—–|——-| | 10 | alice | | 20 | bob | $ echo -e '{"name": "alice", "age": 10}\n{"name":"bob", "age": 20}' | json2mdtbl | AGE | NAME | |—–|——-| | 10 | alice | | 20 | bob | You can use it to get BigQuery results as JSON and put them into a Markdown table!
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Introduction to kubectls

kubectls is a kubectl version manager. This is a kubectl version of tools like *env(kubectlenv). Installation You can install it with the following command: Think it will work if you have bash, ln, readlink, curl, and git installed. $ git clone ~/.kubectls Set the PATH to give priority to ~/.kubectls/bin in .bashrc. If you are using zsh, replace it with .zshrc.

for bash $ echo "PATH=~/.kubectls/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc $ echo "export $PATH" >> ~/.

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